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200-Acre Business Park Powered by the Sun
Federal Opportunity Zone
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Commercial Space

  • Office, warehouse and flex space currently available
  • Will renovate to suit
  • Solar energy is offered to all tenants, which reduces overall energy costs
  • Convenient, strategic location near downtown Buffalo and the Canadian border.


  • NYS certified Shovel-Ready
  • Existing utility infrastructure
  • Zoned for a variety of uses
  • Attractive incentive programs
  • Shovel-Ready certification ensures that new builds have reduced delays and construction costs


  • Living solar technology lab throughout the park
  • Developed in collaboration with Montante Solar
  • Numerous solar applications in use on site
  • Multiple tenant benefits directly related to solar energy


Riverview Solar Technology Park, New York’s first solar-ready business park, is a place where real estate development and solar project development blend seamlessly in a picturesque setting overlooking the Niagara River. The 200 acre business park offers both existing commercial space and shovel-ready land for new construction. In addition to the various solar applications that are utilized throughout the Solar Park to provide power to our tenants, all buildings within this development are constructed using the latest green construction methods to minimize their environmental impact.

The Park also acts as a living solar lab, where the future of solar technology is tested and implemented to improve energy efficiency and energy production for all tenants. Solar technologies that can be currently found in the park include: Thin film solar technology, Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels, ground-mounted solar arrays, and Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

Strategically located within 1 mile of the I-190 and I-290 expressways, tenants at Riverview Solar Technology Park enjoy a convenient location, attractive buildings and work spaces, spectacular scenery, and reduced energy costs.

  • Scenic location on the Niagara River in the Town of Tonawanda
  • Within 1 Mile of the I-190 & 1-290
  • Less than 15 Minute drive to both downtown Buffalo & Niagara Falls
  • Strategically located within 15 minutes of 3 Canadian border crossings & 2 international airports
  • Within 100 Miles of Toronto, one of the largest metro areas in the world.
  • Situated within 500 miles of many major markets in the U.S. and Canada, including New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Montreal.

“We envisioned Riverview Solar Technology Park as a cutting-edge home for businesses with minimal environmental impact in the strategic region of Western New York. The concept of this particular campus signifies a new approach to managing long-term real estate demands in large regional employment hubs. The Solar Park provides tenants flexibility and expandability, operational efficiencies, and proactively reduces their carbon footprint.” - Matthew Montante, Chief Operating Officer


We currently have commercial spaces available ranging from 10,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet in size. Riverview Solar Technology Park is an ideal location for businesses of any type looking to lease modern commercial space, including corporate offices, research and development labs, warehouses, and light manufacturing operations.

  • Convenient and highly desirable location
  • Clean, solar-generated electricity is offered to tenants, thereby reducing their energy costs.
  • All buildings on site have been erected in the past 10 years. They are easy to maintain and feature attractive, modern aesthetics and amenities.
  • Will renovate to suit your business’s needs
  • Innovative green building techniques were employed during the construction process for each building, which makes all tenant spaces more energy efficient and cost effective.
  • Click here for Riverview flyer: Riverview Solar Technology Park
  • Click here for available space: 600 Riverwalk, 400 Riverwalk

Shovel-Ready land is a great option for companies that are looking to locate in the Buffalo Niagara area in a new building that is specifically designed with their needs in mind. TM Montante Development works with companies to develop and construct unique buildings that incorporate solar technology and green building techniques. As all land at Riverview Solar Technology Park is NYS Shovel-Ready certified, the construction process for new buildings is streamlined and has a more predictable timeline.

  • Parcels for Sale
  • Existing utility infrastructure
  • Zoned for a variety of uses
  • Attractive Incentive Programs
  • NYS Shovel-Ready certification ensures that our new builds have reduced delays and construction costs due to prior approval for proper zoning and infrastructure, completion of the appropriate surveys and studies, and receipt of the necessary permits.

Riverview Solar Technology Park utilizes a variety of solar applications to ensure our tenants have access to a renewable energy source, stabilized energy costs, and mechanisms for meeting corporate sustainability mandates. Tenants at Riverview Solar Technology Park benefit from solar energy in the following ways:

  • Saving Money: Tenants save money on their energy costs by offsetting traditional energy usage with solar energy. Energy costs are difficult to predict due to supply and market fluctuations when using fossil fuel-based energy, while the cost of solar energy is known, stable and predictable.
  • Emissions Reductions: Our tenants significantly reduce their carbon footprint, which allows them to minimize the environmental impact of their business.
  • Marketing Benefits: Powering your business with solar energy demonstrates your company’s commitment to creating a better world for your customers, employees and the surrounding communities.
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